Prophet Nigel Gaisie has said that he has been offered huge sums of money as well as a car just so that He can change his prophecy about John Mahama`s victory in the December 2020 Polls.

According to Him so many things have been done to discredit him because ..”if you can discredit the messenger you can discredit his message..” He said.

In an interview sited online the prophet reiterated the fact that God told Him the Former President H.E. John Dramani Mahama will win the 2020 polls and that if Ghana doesn’t vote for the NDC , we will go back to hardships similar to that of 1983.

It will be noted that Prophet Nigel Gaisie is one of the first preachers who came out to say that God had revealed to him that John Dramani Mahama will win the election in 2020.

With December 7th just less than 3 days away , we all wait to see how this prophecy will plays out.

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